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Corporate Entertainment
Guitarist and Wedding Singer

Our Modern Duo is a great choice for wedding ceremonies, cocktail hour, dinner reception music, and corporate events. They have a unique blend of violin and guitar music. Mathias and Levi have years of experience performing at weddings and events. A graduate of Berklee College of Music with a major in film scoring, Mathias has performed for prestigious musicians and events. On the other hand, Levi is a musician trained at an early age, playing over 10 different instruments. He obtained his music degree from Biola University.


They’re also one our most sought-after musicians, so book them for your event before their schedule gets filled out! To book our Modern Duo for your event, click here.

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Watch our Modern Duo as they Niall Horan’s “On the Loose”. Check out their youtube video as they perform a unique violin and guitar cover. Let Mathias wow you with his amazing precision on the violin. Also, listen to Levi as he plays smooth and distinct tunes on the guitar. Certainly, our Modern Duo is definitely something to watch out for! 

Click here to learn more about our amazing duo! 

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Our Modern Duo performs a variety of music genres with popular hits and beloved classics. Their music education and years of experience performing at weddings and events translate to amazing performances. Thus, you are sure that our Modern Duo will bring live music entertainment to a whole new level. Let them treat you to incredible entertainment and quality service with their talent and professionalism. 


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