Bar/Bat Mitzvah Live Music and Entertainment Ideas 2024

Live Musicians Bat Mitzvah

When celebrating a Bar Mitzvah, live music and entertainment is an important part of the festivities! Bar and Bat Mitzvahs Being are important occasions for Jewish children and their families. They are best celebrated not just with wonderful people and overflowing food. Live music and entertainment gets the party going!

Bar Mitzvahs are celebrations for Jewish boys while Bat mitzvahs are for girls. These wonderful occasions are take place when the child turns thirteen. Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs traditionally begin at a synagogue followed by a dinner after the ceremony. After the ceremony comes the celebration! Celebration means non-stop live music and entertainment for you and your guests.


Bar/Bat Mitzvah Live Music and Entertainment

Ocdamia Music Group is the leader when it comes to providing live music to events in Southern California. With over 10 years of being in the industry, we are proud to serve hundreds of clients, and that includes Bar Mitzvah live music! Our talented musicians are professionals. They are musically trained and educated with years of experience. We at OMG make it our priority to provide beautiful music and reliable service.

Bat Mitzvah Live Musicians
Bat Mitzvah Live Music

Live Band and DJ

We have a variety of musicians to choose from for Bar Mitzvah live music. Our live band is a popular choice among clients. They play music during the dinner program and the dance kick-off. Their music ranges from pop hits, top 40s music, and upbeat tunes. It is also a great idea to hire a DJ to take care of the music needed for the program and music to dance along to!

All-Female String Quartet

Our all-female electric string quartet is a great option if you are looking for unique high-energy performances. They deliver powerful performances that will surely wow your audiences. Our Jazz band is also a good choice with their soothing vocals and great harmonies. For formal gatherings, we recommend our string quartet comprised of two violins, a viola, and a cello. We have a diverse collection of music that spans all music genres. Check out our music library to choose from over 1000 songs! We make the process of choosing songs for Bar Mitzvah live music and entertainment simple.

Booking with OMG is easy!

Booking the Ocdamia Music Group for your event is simple and easy! First, select your preferred musician/group and ask us for a draft contract. Submit a signed contract together with a 25% down payment and your event date is secured! You will be granted access to our client portal where you can plan the music for your event. Once you’re done, submit the completed planning form and you are all set! Expect our musicians to arrive and hour to 45 minutes before your event.

What are you waiting for? Let’s start the party! Book the Ocdamia Music Group for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah live music and entertainment needs!

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