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OMG Ensembles: Extensive and Ever-Expanding Repertoire

OMG Ensembles boasts a comprehensive repertoire of over 1,200 songs, expertly arranged for performance by string duos, trios, and quartets. This diverse collection caters to a wide range of musical tastes and event styles.

We have in-house arranger

Furthermore, we are dedicated to continually expanding our repertoire. If you have a specific song in mind that is not currently available, please do not hesitate to let us know. Our skilled in-house arranger will be happy to create a custom arrangement tailored to your preferences, ensuring that your special occasion is filled with the perfect music.

With our vast and ever-growing selection, combined with the expertise of our arranger, OMG Ensembles is confident in delivering an exceptional musical experience for your event.

Request a Custom String Arrangement

Don’t see your favorite song in our extensive repertoire?

We are happy to consider adding new arrangements to our collection. 

Once we receive your request, our arranger will review it and add it to their queue for potential arrangement. If your request is selected, we will notify you and, upon completion, may send you a video of the newly arranged piece.

Please note that due to a high volume of requests, we cannot guarantee that all submissions will be chosen for arrangement. However, we appreciate your interest and will do our best to accommodate your preferences.

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