About our Classical and Pop String Trio

Our Classical and Pop String Trio is popular choice of live music and entertainment for weddings, private events, and corporate functions. We recommend our trio for mid-sized events (150-200 guests) to provide music for wedding ceremonies or entertain guests during cocktail hour.  Our trio can play a wide variety of music genres such as classical, hip-hop, jazz, modern, rock, and pop music. They have more than 1000 songs in our library and they accommodate special song requests. Our most popular String Trio is composed of Violin, Viola, and Cello players but we can accommodate other instrument requests according to your preference. 

We have String Trio teams covering all areas in Southern California. If you prefer a specific musician, kindly contact us ahead of time to confirm the availability. Otherwise, we will assign a musician who is within a 20 mile-range from the venue. We do not charge travel fees for string trio for events within Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs and Santa Barbara. However, a travel fee is applied if your preferred musician is in Los Angeles and the event is located in Palm Springs. To avoid additional travel fees, please pick a team member within a 20 mile-range from the venue. 

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Accepts the Following

Accepts the Following

Booking local classical trio from Ocdamia Music Group, LLC. grants you access to our pool of professional classical trio in Southern California, attentive customer service and expert advice from our friendly staff 24/7, and most importantly, our customer guarantee. 

In the event that a the local classical trio or any members of the string trio cancels due to unforeseen events, our team will find a suitable replacement

We guarantee that your classical trio in Southern California is covered 24/7 against any eventuality. 

Booking your local classical string trio for wedding, corporate event and other special event with peace of mind. Sit back, relax, and be entertained with concert-like performances from OMG artists and local live musicians for hire!

FAQ, Booking and General Policy

A string trio is often comprised of the following strings instruments: violin, viola, and cello. Another version of a string trio could be two violins and a cello. The string trio is often a classical trio with a variety of classical compositions tailored for the group.

A trio, aside from describing the number of musicians in a group, can refer to a composition or music piece. It is often a part of a movement for symphonies and string quartets where only three instruments are supposed to play. It is often placed in between two minuets.

Our String Trio takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to set up if we are providing the amplification (i.e. speakers, microphones, etc.) If the sound system is provided at the venue, it will take less than 30 minutes for our String Trio to set up.

A string trio and a string quartet differs only on the number of musicians there are in the group. A string trio has three musicians while a string quartet has four musicians. A typical string trio has either a violin, viola, and cello or two violins and a cello while a string quartet often is composed of two violins, a viola, and a cello.

  1. Get in touch with us via email, phone, or chat with us on our website to set an appointment.
  2. Choose a musician, group, or package and ask for a draft contract. For ceremony & cocktail bookings, you may opt to book online through our interactive tool. Refer to our calendar to check for an available slot for your event date.
  3. Secure the date by depositing a down payment of 25% through our interactive tool and pay via credit card, venmo, paypal, or send us a check.

Your booking is automatically confirmed upon receipt of the deposit OR signed contract!

Please note: If we don’t receive the signed contract OR the required deposit within 7 days from the date of the contract, we will need to re-confirm the artist(s) availability again.

Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a username and password to access our portal. You may now create your custom wedding playlist via our interactive portal.

Please use our interactive tool to choose among thousands of songs in our playlist. There you can choose songs for your ceremony and cocktail hour. 

Do you need help planning your wedding music? Our dedicated team has a variety of wedding playlist suggestions for you. 

Browse our suggestions: Click Here

We understand that at times, the unexpected happens. Our policy on cancellations are written below:

  • For cancellations 30 days before the event, you will receive a 100% refund of the deposit amount.
  • For cancellations less than 30 days before the event, the deposit is non-refundable.

Please Provide Shade/Umbrella

  • We require a shade/umbrella for our musicians, instruments, and audio equipment. This is due to the extreme sensitivity of musical instruments to changes in temperature and exposure to sunlight and humidity. In some cases exposure to elements may lead to irreparable damage to the instruments.

Please Prepare a Covered/Dry Location in Case of Rain

  • We require a covered/dry location for our musicians, instruments, and audio equipment in case of rain. Exposure to water or humidity is damaging to our musical instruments and audio equipment. In some cases exposure to elements may lead to irreparable damage to the instruments. 
 Please Provide Heater
  • We love playing outdoors but in lower temperatures please provide a heater for our musicians. Our musicians remain outdoors for more than an hour with an additional hour to set up before the appointment. The heater will keep them warm before and during their performance. 

Our Team

Meet our team of talented string musicians ready to perform and serenade you with beautiful music! Leave it to us to select the artists to play at your event. We match our artists according to venue location, availability, and type of songs requested. If you have a preference for a particular artist/s, please let us know, and we will try our best to accommodate your request. 

Check out our top-rated artists below!


WEDDING CELLIST Southern California


LA, OC, SD & Temecula

San Diego Wedding Cellist


OC, SD & Temecula

Art Ocdamia Founder - OMG


OC, LA, Palm Springs

Southern California Cellist - Anne


OC, LA, Santa Barbara

Rebecca Cellist Los Angeles


Southern California

Isaiah Cellist Los Angeles


Los Angeles


Camile - Violinist Los Angeles


LA & Santa Barbara

Wedding Violinist Covering San Diego Area


OC, SD & Temecula

Cecile - Palm Springs Violinist


OC & Palm Springs


Ms. Wu

Los Angeles

Orange County Wedding Ceremony Musician


Southern California

Justina Violinist Orange County


OC, LA & Palm Springs


San Diego Wedding Ceremony Musician


OC, SD & Temecula

Los Angeles Solo Violinist Wedding Ceremony


Southern California

Indian Wedding Music Violinist


OC, LA & Santa Barbara

Los Angeles Solo Violinist Playing Tagalog Music


LA & Santa Barbara

Our Team Lavette Allen Violist


Southern California

Southern California Professional Musician


Southern California

What our past clients say

Alex C.
Torrance, California
Read More
We recently had their classical string trio members to play at our wedding. They were marvelous. They were incredibly easy to work with leading to the wedding. She (Margie) was able to help us get an arrangement done for a specific song we wanted for our ceremony. And the day of the wedding - I would have had more time to just sit, listen, and enjoy their beautiful music during our big day. Big recommend for them!
Irvine, California
Read More
Margie, the owner of Ocdamia, was very nice to us. We booked the Classical String Trio for our wedding in West Hollywood and they showed up and did their performance. Prices are very reasonable. My wedding coordinator also had prior experience with them and also gave us the go-ahead to book them as they didn't have any issues. All in all, I would recommend.
J. M.
Lakewood, California
Read More
Margie is the definition of a true professional who goes above and beyond to make sure you're happy. Her team is such a joy to work with. On time, well dressed and extremely talented. I highly recommend Margie to any and all that need musicians at their event.
  1. Jessica Reyna


    Margie is awesome! My husband and I had a string trio at our wedding last summer and they were great! We had Art, Richard, and LaVette playing at our venue and they were amazing! I could hear them from my bridal suite and I that’s when I knew it was real! They played every song in order, played the two songs we requested beautifully (they were not listed), and did an exceptional job! I couldn’t be happier with their work and I appreciate their talent and thank Margie for this wonderful company! I had so many compliments on the venue and string trio all night long! I will continue to refer Ocdamia Music group because I had an excellent experience with them and I’m glad I chose them for my wedding! Thank you so much Margie, Art, Richard, and LaVette, my husband and I appreciate all of you so much!
    -Jessica and Gio

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