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Hire Live Musicians for the Wedding of your Dreams

Weddings bring out a rainbow of emotions. Trust us, there are a number of weddings we attended where we cannot help but shed a tear or two while wearing the biggest smiles on our faces. It is a magical moment where two remarkably different individuals are joined together in marriage.

At weddings, music plays a major role in setting the atmosphere; it could be formal and glamorous, or a little casual and relaxed. No matter your chosen theme, live music greatly enhances the mood of the event, evokes and mirrors the emotions of the couple along with the guests, and highlights a particular moment that will be remembered in a lifetime. These are just some of the reasons why we recommend hiring live musicians for your wedding. 

Live music, unlike recorded music, adapts and moves with what the moment calls for. When you choose live wedding musicians for your wedding ceremony, you are not only asking them to play beautiful music, rather you are involving them to create an overall atmosphere. Ocdamia Music Group keeps this in mind by making it our goal to provide a rich, musical experience at your wedding for you and your guests’ enjoyment.

Now, you may be thinking, how do I get started? First, the type of music you would be able to play at your wedding depends greatly on the wedding venue. If you are having a traditional church wedding, it is best to choose classical music, sacred music, and romantic ballads (if the church permits). We highly recommend wedding string musicians with a pianist for church weddings. Our string musicians are fluent in church wedding music and our pianist can accompany the cantor for Catholic wedding mass.

For other wedding locations, your music choices are limitless. Our string musicians are knowledgeable and experienced in playing diverse music genres, from classical, pop, and even rock hits! You are sure to find your preferred music in our library of more than 1000 songs. Do you have a particular song that is meaningful to you as a couple? Let us know and we will have our team arrange the song for you, ready to be played by our team of musicians at your wedding.

Are you deciding between booking a string quartet or a solo violinist? We recommend using the guide below.

For intimate ceremonies with less than a hundred guests, we recommend a solo string musician such as a wedding violinist or cellist. For ceremonies with less than 150 guests, a duet of violin and cello is a great option. We recommend a string trio of violin, viola, and cello, for ceremonies with less than 200 guests. For a big wedding ceremony with more than 200 guests, our String Quartet with 2 violins, viola, and cello is the perfect choice. We also recommend our wedding strings, string quartet, and other soloists such as our violinistscellistsharpistsguitaristspianists, and saxophonists to provide live music and entertainment during cocktail hour.

Keep your guests entertained with a live music performance while waiting for the wedding reception to begin. Our musicians for hire can readily accept song requests from the crowd, making it an interactive musical experience for your guests.

Are you planning to have your wedding in Southern California? Ocdamia Music Group (OMG) provides live music and entertainment in all areas of Southern California. We have wedding musicians covering Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Temecula, Santa Barbara, Riverside, and Palm Springs.

Turn your wedding music into a performance you and your guests will never forget. Book live wedding musicians from the Ocdamia Music Group!

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  1. Robert Miskey

    Hi there! I agreed with your point ?It is a magical moment where two remarkably different individuals are joined together in marriage?. So Music is important for all and the best thought is on your wedding day you can hire a live musician. Keep sharing and blogging!


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