Why Book at OMG?

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Why Choose the Ocdamia Music Group for your Weddings and Event?


We Make Events Unforgettable!

Beautiful flowers, radiant smiles, picturesque views, everything looks perfect. How else can you make your wedding day even more memorable? By having our OMG musicians play beautiful music, of course!

A wedding, or any event for that matter, will not be complete without music. Music sets the tone for the occasion. Play electronic dance music and you?ll find the guests likely dancing to the beat. Choose something mellow and sweet and the ambiance will be romantic. Putting together an impeccable playlist is important but finding the perfect musician to perform at your event makes all the difference.

Ocdamia Music Group is dedicated to helping you find the perfect musician/group for your event.?

Why should you book OMG musicians instead of booking freelance musicians directly?

We understand that booking a freelance musician directly could mean less expensive. However, we can assure you that booking with OMG is convenient, efficient, and cost-effective. Given our wide network of musicians, we can provide you the quality talent that exactly fits your preferences.

What are your advantages if you choose to book a musician with OMG?

  1. You are guaranteed quality (and beautiful) music

We have the best network of top-rated musicians in Southern California. Our live musicians have years of experience and advanced degrees and concentrations in music. With their extensive training and background you can be assured that our musicians will deliver a great performance at your event.

  1. You are guaranteed a professional and reliable service

Your wedding deserves more than just great music. OMG musicians are known for their professionalism and reliable service. We conduct yearly performance evaluations to ensure the quality of service we provide. We also impose a three-strike policy to uphold accountability among our musicians.

  1. You are guaranteed a dedicated team committed to answering your questions and concerns

We pride ourselves in our commitment to providing the best quality service and assistance. OMG has a dedicated team who will readily assist you in booking a musician, choosing a playlist, and all your other concerns. All your service-related queries will be attended to promptly. We will ensure that everything is ready for your big event.

  1. You are guaranteed that a musician will perform at your event

Let?s face it, unexpected occurrences happen, be it an illness, an emergency, or an unavoidable last-minute cancellation. In an unfortunate case where your preferred musician cannot make it to your event, we can immediately find a musician to fill in. We work with more than 100 musicians so you can be certain that we got you covered. This is one of your benefits when you book with OMG.

When you book with OMG, you are assured that you will have beautiful music performed at your event by a professional and reliable team. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the performance.

Book your event with us!

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