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Classical & Contemporary Violinist Los Angeles

Uplift your event with the captivating music of Brandon, a versatile solo violinist performing classical and contemporary favorites. Brandon creates an unforgettable atmosphere for weddings, parties, and more.

About Brandon - Best Violinist in Los Angeles

Yes, the hills are alive with the sound of music, and standing on the crest is Brandon, his head arched towards the heavens, evoking beautiful style of classical music pieces. His melodies echo throughout the valley, summoning the birds and creating melodies so alluring and pleasant that even the trees sway back-and-forth in unison.

Brandon is a quintessential violin and viola player, wonderfully practiced and accomplished, and completely devoted to his profession. He embarked on his musical journey at the University of Redlands, then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a master’s degree in music major at California State University Northridge. Along the way, Brandon earned prestigious accolades such as the Myron Sandler Ovation award and the Dr. Robert W. Wienpahl and Manuel Compinsky Scholarships. His virtuosity extends beyond classical music, as he seamlessly blends his expertise with contemporary genres, including jazz, pop, and even Indian Bollywood Tunes. This versatility makes him a highly sought-after violinist for hire in Los Angeles, ensuring that your event’s soundtrack perfectly matches the desired atmosphere.

Imagine hearing Brandon’s beautiful music as you walk down the aisle to join hands with the love of your life and while mingling with your friends and family on one of the most important days of your life. He can perform either as a violin soloist or in a string duo, trio, or quartet. His presence will add a touch of professionally delivered class and elegance, ensuring those moments will be even more memorable.

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To ensure the best performance and protect our delicate instruments and equipment, we kindly request the following:

  • Shade or Umbrella: Musical instruments are sensitive to extreme temperatures, sunlight, and humidity. Providing shade with an umbrella or a covered area will help prevent potential damage.
  • Covered Location (Rain): In case of rain, a dry and covered location for the musicians, instruments, and audio equipment is essential. Exposure to water can damage these items.
  • Heater (Optional): While we love playing outdoors, for extended outdoor performances, especially in cooler temperatures, a heater would be greatly appreciated. This will help keep our musicians comfortable during setup, performance, and breakdown.

Yes! Brandon, our Indian music violinist, specializes in Indian and Pakistani wedding music. Indian weddings are best celebrated with live musicians, whether it be a violinist or a Baraat band.

Yes! Brandon, our Los Angeles wedding violinist, specializes in many types of Indian music. His music spans from Bollywood hits to Punjabi wedding music. If you have any special song requests, let us know! We will gladly accommodate you.

Including their instruments and an electric power source. Our wedding violinist will bring their own audio equipment and amplifier for the event.

We recommend that you send your special requests one month before the event. Our solo wedding violinist will learn the music within that time frame and make sure to play it at your wedding or event.

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  1. Jt V.


    Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa

    Brandon was so fantastic at our wedding!! We threw so many song choices at him which weren’t on his ‘already known’ list, and he still learnt them and played all so, so beautifully. He definitely made some people cry. Loved, loved, having him there! Thank you Brandon!

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