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Our Mariachi Trio for hire is a father, mother and daughter team based in Los Angeles ready to serenade you and your guests with traditional Mexican music and modern hits according to your preference. They perform wearing the traditional Mariachi garb, called the Charro suit. They provide live music and entertainment to quiceaneras, weddings, corporate functions, and other private events in Southern California. Our Mariachi Trio will definitely add color and a traditional flair to your event!

Our Mariachi Trio is led by Aurelio Reyes, a native of Chiapas, Mexico. Earning the nickname, Troubadour from the Southeast, Aurelio has performed in various radio and TV programs, recorded a full album, and went on several local and international tours. After moving to the US, Aurelio began to play as a solo musician in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and private events, usually accompanying himself on guitar, singing along to pistas (recorded background tracks) of his own and other composers’ music, or performing with a live mariachi ensemble. His music has been featured in a couple of independent films, commercials, and television series.

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Secure Mariachi Trio Backed 24/7 in Southern California

Booking Local Mariachi Trio from Ocdamia Music Group, LLC. grants you access to our pool of professional Mariachi Band in Southern California, attentive customer service and expert advice from our friendly staff 24/7, and most importantly, our customer guarantee. 

In the event that the Mariachi Trio or any member of the Local Mariachi Band cancels due to unforeseen events, our team will find a suitable replacement

We guarantee that your Mariachi Trio is covered 24/7 against any eventuality. 

Booking your Mariachi Trio for your wedding and special event with peace of mind. Sit back, relax, and be entertained with concert-like performances from OMG artists and local live musicians for hire!

FAQ, Booking and General Policy

A Mariachi band is a musical group that specializes in traditional Mexican Music. It can be as small as a group of three musicians (mariachi trio) to more than twenty musicians. Our Mariachi Trio plays for weddings, Quinceaneras, baptisms, birthdays, funerals, and other events. We also accommodate requests to provide music for traditional customs such as waking up a loved one to music and serenading them throughout the day.

Mariachi music is an important part of Mexican culture and heritage. It is the music that is played at significant life events such as weddings, Quinceaneras, baptisms, birthdays, funerals, etc. Thus it reflects a facet of Mexican culture and community. Lastly, the music continues to influence and shape their identity.

Anyone can argue that their favorite mariachi song is the best, however these are the songs that come highly requested by our clients: El Rey, Guantanamera, Cuando, Cuando, Cuando, Cielito Lindo, and Mexico Lindo Y Querido.

The direct Spanish translation of singer is cantate or cantor, however, traditional Mexican bands are called Mariachi. Often a group of more than three musicians, it includes a singer, violin, vihuela, guitar, and other wind instruments.

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What our past clients say

  1. Adrian C.


    Private Residence, Los Angeles, California

    The Mariachi Trio lead by Sally was PERFECT! Thank you so much.

  2. Elena M.


    Private Residence, Los Angeles, California

    I hired this band (Mariachi Trio) for my sisters baby shower after doing a lot of research and comparing prices from other groups… they arrived on time and played beautifully throughout the entire event. We received so many compliments on their music and the energy they brought to the party.

  3. Brandye K.


    Malibu, California

    I had a beach wedding in Malibu. We were doing a mixture of Californian and Mississippian themed wedding. We were serving southern style appetizers while this band played. They were awesome and played my favorite song 3 times. They come at a reasonable price, I know that if I ever need mariachis again I will be calling!

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