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Finding the Right Female Cello Player for Your Event in San Diego

Hire the female cello player with years of experience! Melissa has proven her skill in orchestras, chamber music groups, weddings and more. Book today!

About Melissa | Cello Player San Diego

Melissa, a solo cellist in Southern California, played her very first music notes at the age of three. Her music journey began on the piano, but cello soon entered her life at the age of eleven, and she instantly fell in love. Over the years she has continued to improve as a musician and performer, playing in numerous orchestras, chamber music groups, musicals, operas, ballet, weddings, live entertainment events, corporate functions, and various private events.

She moved to San Diego in 2009 to study mathematics, economics, and cello performance at UC San Diego and has stayed in the gorgeous city since. Although she works with numbers during the day, Melissa squeezes in as much cello time as possible on nights and weekends to continue her passion. She currently plays with La Jolla Symphony, City Ballet of San Diego, Opera NEO, and various chamber groups. Melissa loves her cello, Mel, for its wide range and sweet tone; she is always excited to share Mel’s lovely bright sound with the rest of the world.

Melissa's past performances - female cello rock band

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FAQ, Booking and General Policy

A cello is a wonderful instrument as it creates a deep resonating sound. The music played on the cello can vary across genres, including classical music, contemporary music, jazz music, pop music, and many more. When paired with a violin, the harmony created is beautiful and resonant.

The cello is an easy instrument to play. As with learning all other instruments, however, education and training is important. It should not stop anyone who is interested in playing the cello to pursue it. It is rewarding once you are able to play the instrument.

There are a wide variety of good cello pieces for casual events. Classical pieces, such as Bach’s Cello Suite can be fitting for casual events. Popular movie themes and top hits such as A Thousand Years by Christina Perri, Viva La Vida by Coldplay, Game of Thrones Theme, and Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Our cello player in San Diego, Melissa, is experienced in playing a variety of music genres.

The following classical songs were played at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding: Sicilienne by Paradis, Apres un reve by Faure , and Ave Maria by Schubert. It was beautifully played by a 19-year-old cellist, Shekuh Kanuh Mason.

Both a cellist and violinist can be used as solo musicians during your wedding or event. The sound of the cello is lower in pitch, the violin has a higher pitch. Both have a classy and elegant sound; you can hear in the YouTube videos the difference between a cello soloist or a violin soloist. The preference of course is up to you.

Our link to our pricelist is included on our website and is fixed for gigs that are played within 20 miles of the artist’s home. Additional travel distance can add to the cost. Some of our professional cellists’ musicians are more expensive depending on their level and status as musicians.

Of course we are partial, but we can say why OMG does so many bookings, it’s because we offer a fair price and a carefully selected group of exceptional artists that will not disappoint you because they are not good musicians, or worse, not show up. We carefully select only the best artists entertainers and musicians. These top performers understand what it really means to deliver high quality musical entertainment and exceptional customer service for the most important people on their most important day.

Because of the number of gigs we book, we keep our price is a little lower so we can hopefully, keep our artists a little busier. Our artists appreciate this, they are busier and want to do a good job, because as their reputation grows within OMG, so do the number of gigs they can get.

Some of our artists freelance for much more expensive booking agents. So really, it’s possible some of our OMG artists provide the exact performance for you for a lot less money. But the frequency of gigs from some higher priced agencies costing much more is often not enough to keep the artists as busy as they would like to be. So, we are quite popular with both artists and our wonderful customers and industry professionals.

You can see that after playing more than 700 locations in Southern California, including regular bookings at prestigious locations like the Ritz Carlton and many other top venues, as well as numerous high-profile events like celebrity weddings, we are trusted, not only by thousands of direct customers but also industry wide. One day our musician or entertainer can be playing a wedding at the Ritz, the next day a back yard party for a 50th wedding anniversary. Each gig is treated the same way with an agreeable cost or price.


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  1. Paulyne L.


    LUCE LOFT, San Diego, California

    She played beautifully. The sound volume, songs and her playing were all perfect especially for the vibe of our wedding. The guests loved her playing as well and one of our guests who is getting married soon is now looking into getting a cellist for their wedding after seeing ours.

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