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Our Percussion and Guitar Duo plays expressive music that will transport you to cool summer nights at the beach. The beautiful harmony of percussion and guitar adds a distinct vibe to parties, weddings, and events. 
Our Percussion and Guitar Duo has performed at various locations and venues in Southern California. Make your event unforgettable by having our Percussion and Guitar provide live music and entertainment at your event. We highly recommend them for cocktail hour and as background music for luncheons and dinners. 

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We guarantee that your booking is covered 24/7 against any eventuality. 

Book live music and entertainment for your event with peace of mind. Sit back, relax, and be entertained with concert-like performances from OMG artists and musicians!

FAQ, Booking and General Policy

Our percussion/guitar or acoustic duo can play a variety of music genres but they specialize in Bossa Nova, Latin, Bolero, and Spanish music. To see more of their videos, you can check out our youtube channel and look for videos of our percussion and guitar duo.

Our percussion and guitar duo plays a type of music that is played best as background music for dinner or luncheon parties or during cocktail hour for weddings, corporate events or other private events.

Our percussion and guitar duo just takes a few minutes to set up. Our musicians arrive an hour to 45 minutes before the appointment and that time is allotted for setting up and preparing for the performance.

Yes, our percussion and guitar duo accepts and accommodates special song requests. We do request that you send us your song requests in advance to give enough time for our musicians to learn the piece for your event.

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