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Our Dhol/Baraat Band is a live Los Angeles-based band founded by Harpreet. They are known for high energy live performances sure to hype up a crowd for wedding ceremonies and events, including the Baraat ceremony, a common tradition for Indian weddings. They also perform wearing traditional costumes for a complete experience. Our Baraat Band has a wide repertoire of music including both traditional and modern music. They can also help you create a customized playlist at the same time accommodate special song requests.
Harpreet is a San Fernando Valley native who has been playing the Dhol (Indian drum) for 15 years. His band consists of talented musicians, Fernando (trumpet), Kelving (Saxophone), and Kevin (trombone, French horn, tuba) and they frequently perform at wedding events. Harpreet, has a Master’s Degree in Education from USC. Harpreet started off playing for Indian dance teams performing at competitions in the United States and Canada. He has played professionally at wedding events, charity events, corporate functions, and other private events for the past 10 years. He has performed with many famous Indian artists such as Pakistani singer, Ali Haider, and Bhangra/Punjabi music singers, Jazzy B and Gippy Grewal.

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Secure Local Dhol Players/Baraat Band Backed 24/7 in Southern California

Booking Dhol Players and Baraat Band from Ocdamia Music Group, LLC. grants you access to our pool of professional dhol players in Southern California, attentive customer service and expert advice from our friendly staff 24/7, and most importantly, our customer guarantee. 

In the event that a dhol player or any member of the baraat band cancels due to unforeseen events, our team will find a suitable replacement

We guarantee that your Solo Dhol Player, Baraat Band is covered 24/7 against any eventuality. 

Hype up your guests by booking your solo dhol player or full baraat band for your Indian/Pakistani wedding procession with peace of mind. Sit back, relax, and be entertained with concert-like performances from OMG artists and local live musicians for hire!

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There are several types of drums that are typically found in South Asia, one of these is called the Dhol. The dhol is a double-headed wooden drum commonly played during rituals, festivities, and gatherings, including Indian wedding processions. Often attached to a strap, it is worn by the player with the strap slung over the shoulder or neck.

A Baraat is a wedding procession for the groom. Commonly observed in South Asian weddings, the groom travels to the wedding venue accompanied by live music and celebration. Most of the time, the Baraat is accompanied with music from dhol players for hire. A Baraat is something that wedding guests often look forward to because of the festivities and spectacle associated with it.

The Dhol player normally plays Indian tunes during a Baraat processional in an Indian wedding procession. The type of music played, however, greatly depends on the preference of the couple. There are Baraat processionals that move along to modern music while some choose to stick to tradition and play Indian music. Our Baraat band can play your preferred music and accommodate special requests. At times,  to hype the crowd. But sometimes, there is a Mobile DJ who plays an Indian Tunes, thus the Dhol Player plays along with the DJ.

Our Baraat band is often composed of a Dhol player, two trumpeters, and a saxophonist since they often play traditional Indian music. For modern/contemporary music, the Baraat band can be accompanied by a mobile DJ where the DJ moves along with the procession.

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  1. Dhamaka Productions


    Mount Palomar Winery, Temecula California

    One of the best Dhol players and the band in the industry. Always pleasure work with Harp and his team, very reliable and easy to work with.

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