Alexandria Ballrooms


Located in the heart of downtown LA, Alexandria Ballrooms is a recognized historical cultural monument by the city of Los Angeles. Built in 1906, it has hosted events for notable and distinguished people such as Winston Churchill, King Edward VIII, and President Theodore Roosevelt. After its renovation, it has been a key location for film and photography productions that included the likes of? Dreamgirls, Water for Elephants, and Spiderman. The Alexandria continues to be a part of history as it serves as a premier location for weddings and special events.

Continue to make history by having the Ocdamia Music Group at your event at Alexandria Ballrooms. With an array of amazing talent, you can have a live Jazz band, a string quartet, a saxophonist, or any artist or musician of your choice to serenade you and your guests with music. Make your event a momentous one with the Ocdamia Music Group!

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